the morning air was coated in the mindless chatter complemented by the predatory pigeons stalking their prey – stray breadcrumbs – with their beady eyes.

i sat in the corner, my table facing the faraway harbor.

i didn’t see the little girl running after her mother in a tumble of giggles.

i didn’t see the tired father rock his baby in vain attempts to pacify the infant.

i didn’t see the young couple, both sneaking glances at each other past their menus.

i didn’t see the old man, bending over a newspaper with a heavy sigh.

i looked at the ripples of the water. the indentations. the flutters borne from the wind caressing my face.

i looked at the seagulls. their grace. the slow swoops as they bent down to glide against the salted water.

i looked at the ships. their dominance. the seawater they swallowed as the inched past my eyes, their noises and people blending into the gray morning air.

i looked at the buildings. their resoluteness. they lined the lapping waves, their raw texture a reminder of their endurance.

then the morning drifted away in a surreptitious silence, the darkness it wrought a comfortable shadow.


One thought on “venezia

  1. sruthi says:

    this actually sounds really pretty. like it’s not just the imagery but it’s also everything else that just creates a very nice atmosphere. also i really love the picture too

    Liked by 1 person

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